Welcome to Silverdale Preschool & Activity Centre!


We believe that positive attitudes can be easily instilled in children when they feel emotionally secure and at ease. That is why—our number one mission at Silverdale Preschool is to create an environment so welcoming that our young learners respond well to our teaching and classroom activities. Preschool time plays an important role in children’s formative years. It is in this stage where a child starts learning, probing, and expressing. Our program aims to provide a strong academic foundation through a marriage of art, creative play, and experiential learning. Our ultimate goal is to help children evolve, excel, and reach their full potential. We are amongst the very few playschools in India who let the kids shine the way they wish to. Every child is different and has different learning capabilities, so we do not stick to a rigid teaching pattern. Instead, our teachers come up with creative ideas that catch the attention of the students and help them learn. You can trust us to be the best playschool in West Delhi.

Teaching Method

We offer Flinto Class Curriculum, an interactive teaching approach that is put together specifically to promote early learning meaningful experience. Through this award-winning curriculum that’s inspired by Waldorf Steiner System, John Dewey system, Multiple intelligence, and Playway methodology, we attempt to develop a solid learning and life skills that will enable children to be in-step with the evolving times. Our highly trained teachers and caregivers provide individual attention to our young learners and stimulate their physical, cognitive, emotional, social, and linguistic skills. Associated activities and concepts are designed to empower children to learn, question, and experiment. Everything that we teach is rooted in real-life scenarios in order to be relevant and easily comprehensible. We are certainly the best playschool in West Delhi that focuses on four pillars of development: physical, language and literacy, social and emotional and cognitive. Hence our students are more bent towards skill-enhancement and development which prepares them for a bright and fulfilling future ahead.