Silverdale Preschool & Activity Centre!

We are an independent and co-educational institute that is devoted to providing a contemporary approach to early education. As parents ourselves, we wanted to create a progressive and pleasing milieu for children where they develop a strong liking for learning that will stay with them throughout their school years and beyond.

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We’re About The Little People…


At Silverdale, a playful and collaborative environment is fostered in order to teach children to respect, empathize, support, and share with others.


By means of role play, children learn to communicate, internalize values, solve problems, and negotiate—all of which equip them to navigate real life.


After all, birthdays come once a year and are meant to be celebrated with friends and teachers.


We believe that learning also happens beyond the four walls. By taking children on field trips, we try to give them a sense of the world.

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